Perantenan Restaurant

Perantenan is taken from Balinese word mean dining area, The Restaurant is set in upper level of lobby areawith wide view over the pool and nature landscape creates a relaxing ambiance perfect for an iced cold beer and cocktails. Designed with Balinese architecture using tile floor, solid wood, and Alang-Alang Grass roof creates a Luxury Ubud atmosphere.

The lunch menu is light and healthy, a mixture of sandwich and salads. In the evening the menu is mixed western, Asian and Signature Chef menu with Balinese Dinner setting with weekly Culture Diner program for a genuine Ubud Experience.


Open from 7am to 11am


Open from 12pm to 3pm


Open From 6pm to 11pm
  • Open for Breakfast Lunch & Diner
  • Opening Hour 07:00 - 23:00
  • Size Indoor 15m x 10m
  • Capacity 26 seats